AMS leadership has officer positions, which are vital for AMS operation. AMS activities are run and organized by its members. Officers facilitate the planning of events and organize members for the successful completion of AMS initiatives. The duties of each position are outlined in the AMS constitution. New officers are nominated and elected during member meetings. If you are interested in a role in AMS, please contact us at ams@umn.edu

2018-2019 officers

Angelo Yuan, President

Anita Kwashie, Communications Chair

Vacant, Recruitment Chair

Saikat Banerjee, Professional Development

Chengwei Peng, Treasurer


2017-2018 officers

Tijana Martinov, President

Katelyn Paz, Communications Chair

Sarah Namugenyi, Recruitment Chair

Angelo Yuan, Professional Development

Chengwei Peng, Treasurer



Yoji Shimizu, CLP Dept. Head and Advisor

Jon Gottesman, Advisor